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A home inspection is a crucial part of buying or selling a property as it helps you uncover hidden issues. At Amerispec Home Inspection Services, we go above and beyond to assess every nook and corner of your prospective or current home! We’re a team of home inspectors that serves buyers, sellers, and realtors in the Cherry Hill, NJ area. Our work is backed by 20 years of experience, so you can expect us to provide you with a transparent inspection report. Have the peace of mind you deserve by working with us today!

We Can Help You With

  • Realtor Inspections: As a real estate appraiser, we can help you understand the current condition of the home you’re about to sell so you can get an excellent deal. 
  • Buyer’s Inspections: Ensure your investment is worthwhile by contacting us today! 
  • Pre Listing Inspections: Fix hidden problems beforehand and make this experience easier. Allow an expert to assist you.
  • Radon Testing: Avoid radon exposure and keep your family protected against lung cancer by testing this gas’s levels. 
  • WDO Inspections: Say goodbye to wood-eating bugs cause we can thoroughly identify where they’re hiding.
  • Stucco/EIFS Inspections: You can properly insulate your property if you get a stucco inspection. Call for more details.

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A home inspection can help you make an informed decision during the selling or buying process. Call us today to schedule your service in the Cherry Hill, NJ area. We’re a detailed-oriented team that has your best interests in mind.

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